Understand climate change, seize the emergency and act!

Comprendre le dérèglement climatique

Ateliers Fresque du Climat et Stratégies résilientes individuelles et collectives 2030 – from april 2021 to march 2022


  • Excellensys Partners (Martinique)
  • ICODEH (Haiti)
  • Association Maison Verte (Haiti)
Project description

The project aims to make the scientific fundamentals of climate change more accessible through the Fresque du Climat workshops.

The project thus aims to:

  • Raise awareness among large audiences, the general public, schools, businesses, decision-makers;
  • Train trainers to make the Climate Fresco workshops known in Haiti;
  • Translate and adapt the information from the IPCC report to the Caribbean reality.
Main activities

  • Organisation of Climate Fresco workshops, individual workshops and Low Carbon workshops for companies and communities;
  • Training of trainers in Haiti to promote rapid expansion of workshops;
  • Translation and adaptation of content in Creole;
  • Collection during workshops of resilient practices and co-definition of adaptation tools in the Caribbean basin.

The project allows the integration of new resources into a global network and the creation of a strong Caribbean network allowing in turn to reach larger audiences.

The Global Climate Fresco has set itself the 2021 objective of training 1 million people around the world, and this project is part of this dynamic.

The Climate Fresco is based on simple tools inviting the participation and reflection of the participants, and ending with the search for common and adapted solutions.

The project is based on a reminder of the scientific fundamentals for understanding climate change, and is not part of a popularisation process but of in-depth understanding of the problems, with an approach adapted according to the target audience.

Excellensys partners
maison verte
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