Training young people in the environment: Marine Junior Rangers Program (MJR)

Marine Junior Rangers

Marine Junior Rangers Program (MJR) – From April 2021 to March 2022

Young people are the future oceans advocates and the environment, and incredible messengers within their communities. Training Marine Junior Rangers today, especially in vulnerable communities, is contributing to achieve a more sustainable and resilient future.


Project description

The project aims to train and empower 20 young people through education on climate change and resilience in Haiti and Grenada, in particular by:

  • injecting a sense of empowerment enabling young people to become climate ambassadors in their families and communities;
  • allowing the MJR to think about resilience solutions;
  • building the confidence of trained Leaders and Rangers;
  • engaging young people in subjects related to science, technology, engineering and the environment through outdoor activities.
Main activities

  • Logistics, administration and HR: recruitment and training of MJR Leaders, materials and equipment, project management and reporting;
  • Creation and delivery of courses / training: special training courses for leaders and specialized activities related to environment and climate change for Rangers;
  • Awareness campaign: reinforcement on the use of social media and public speaking.

The project offers comprehensive training for young people on issues of climate change, marine biodiversity or pollution. Theoretical training is alternated with practical experiences, allowing direct appropriation.

The supervision being carried out by other young people of the community encourages intergenerational transfers.

Finally, the idea of supplementing the training with an apprenticeship in public speaking and social media is important because the MJRs will be able to disseminate their knowledge more widely. Involving local radio stations is another way of raising awareness as many people as possible within the communities.

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