The Creole garden: a tool for learning and developing resilience

jardin créole

Jaden Kréyol é Bitasyon: two complementary resilience models – from April 2021 to March 2022

Young generations are the key to resilience to climate change: the Creole garden is an integration tool supporting their awareness and involvement.


  • Contacts, Recherches, Caraïbe (CoReCa)
  • Association Conseil Environnement Développement Durable (ACED)
  • Solidarité Laïque, (Branche Haïti)
Project description

The objectives of the project are of several types:

  • Educate the younger generation so that they can adapt their behavior to the impacts of climate change;
  • Organise cooperation and the sharing of good practices between the territories;
  • Deepen knowledge of key concepts, such as biodiversity, conservation of the natural environment, planning and sustainable urban development;
  • Create an open and sustainable network of climate resilience actors in order to extend experiences.
Main activities

  • Make available, over an indefinite period, an undeveloped, cultivable area dedicated to experimentation;
  • Educate and train young generations in the environment and sustainable development;
  • Improve the knowledge of the young generation on issues of climate resilience;
  • Organise a reforestation operation all around the two selected schools, one in Grand-Anse and the other in Nippes (planting a mixed fruit hedge);
  • Create a Creole garden in selected schools.

The project meets interesting educational objectives in terms of understanding and applying adapted and resilient agricultural and reforestation techniques. The partnership in schools helps promote a structured framework for the project and ensure sustainability beyond the Karayib Klima project, in particular by connecting educational teams. The project is also developing a relevant comparative Rural – Urban approach.

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