Strengthen the resilience of agricultural systems to climate change


Strengthening actions for agricultural adaptation to climate change in the municipality of Beaumont (RE.AAA.CLI Beaumont) – from April 2021 to March 2022

Climate change is leading to rethinking farming habits in order to strengthen the resilience of agroecosystems and allow farmers and their families to limit its negative impacts.


  • Groupements d’agriculteurs de la Grand’Anse (ADPG)
  • Contact Recherches Caraïbes (CoReCa)
  • Koudmen Pour une Agriculture Paysanne en Gwadloup (Kap Gwadloup)
  • Agriculture Paysanne et Écologique dans la Caraïbe (APECA)
Project description

The project aims to achieve three main objectives:

  • Stimulating deeper reflections on production areas;
  • Give faster economic boost to farmer groups.
  • Develop exchanges of know-how between territories subject to the same issues.
Main activities

  • Awareness and training: Disseminate agronomic practices allowing groups of farmers to produce more sustainably and more efficiently;
  • Capacity building in agroecology: Improve planting skills while respecting the rules of agroecology.
  • Networking and transfer of know-how through exchanges and support for the development of the peasantry of Grand-Anse: Understanding agroecology and its economic, social and environmental dimensions.

The project is based on the complementarity and strong skills of the partners involved. It meets the objectives of disseminating knowledge and implementing new adapted and resilient agricultural practices. Finally, the project is part of an existing, structured and functional partnership, enabling to envisage quick implementation.

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