Restoration of coral reefs and resilience of populations

view coral reef and resilience

Building community resilience and ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change through coral restoration in Grenada and Saint Lucia – April 2021 to March 2022

Coral reefs and resilience – The reefs of Grenada and Saint Lucia have experienced a steady decline over the past two decades due in particular to anthropogenic impacts and climate-related events.
The degradation of Coral reefs have resulted in loss of habitat for species that are commercially and ecologically important to coastal fisheries. Coral reefs also function as a physical barrier against coastal erosion and flooding during storms, made worse by climate change.


Project description

In this context, the objective of this project is to strengthen coral reefs and the resilience of communities in Carriacou (Grenada) and Gros Islet (Saint Lucia), to climate change through awareness raising / education of the targeted public and interventions to restore degraded coral reefs. More precisely:

  • Raise awareness among the general public and pupils / students of the challenges of climate change and particularly about coral reefs within communities;
  • Develop Biorock solutions reef in order to increase the abundance of fish on the reefs targeted for restoration by 10%;
  • Implement plant-based coral restoration techniques to increase by 5% the living quantities of coral of reefs rehabilitated.
Main activities

  • Raise awareness of the project and climate change and related adaptation / mitigation strategies that can be implemented in primary, middle and high school students from communities adjacent to the project sites;
  • Carry out two surveys of coral reef fish at the start and end of the activity;
  • Train volunteers in the design, manufacture, deployment, monitoring and maintenance of Biorock structures. < / li>
  • Identify and prepare degraded coral reefs for planting new corals.
  • Establish coral monitoring and gardening activities on rehabilitated reefs to document survival rates and growth of planted corals.

This project fully responds to the challenges of adaptation to climate change in terms of the preservation and regeneration of coral reefs and fits perfectly into national public policies in terms of adaptation to Climate Change.

St Lucia Diver Association
Coral reef foundation
Saint Lucia National Trust
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