Listen, understand and mobilise for climate resilience in the Caribbean

pointe a pitre

Konté pou on landemen ka vouè jou – from april 2021 to march 2022

The best climate resilience actions are the ones meeting thd real needs of populations. Listening and understanding, mobilising residents of priority neighborhoods for climate resilience to develop actions and recommendations for decision-makers: ambitious and necessary objectives the coalition intends to pursue.


Project description

The project aims to mobilise for climate resilience in priority neighborhoods with three main objectives:

  • Raise awareness among populations more effectively about climate resilience;
  • Enrich the public debate and create new advocacy content;
  • Strengthen the knowledge and capacity for field surveys of coalition members, and train youth from priority neighborhoods to analytical methods.
Main activities

  • Listening to experiences and perceptions: Investigation, collection and processing of more than 800 micro-stories in the neighborhoods;
  • Analyse: Multi-actor workshops bringing together members of the coalition and local partners, production of multimedia content for the general public and participatory meetings with neighborhood residents;
  • Share: Production of arguments for decision-makers, dissemination via partner platforms and local events or meetings, universities.

The project is unique in its approach to social listening to priority neighborhoods. The lessons of this project will be relevant at different levels, and disseminated more broadly to help Caribbean civil society to better sensitise populations, decision-makers and mobilise for climate resilience.

The methodology deployed by the coalition will allow feedback from 3 different territories; Therefore it will be facilitating a better adaptability and possible extension of the project to other territories.

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