GREEN WAVE (From Women To Women) : for ecological feminine hygiene products

green wave hygiene feminine ecologique

GREEN WAVE (From Women To Women) – from april 2021 to march 2022

Why is feminine hygiene a climate resilience issue? First, most products are imported, which determines delivery to international and national transport,  often disrupted during climatic disasters. Their cost is also significant for the most vulnerable populations, and improper use of sanitary protection can lead to health problems. That is why the local production of ecological feminine hygiene solutions is a necessity.


Project description

The project aims to prevent the negative impacts of disasters linked to climate change on feminine hygiene by proposing a more sustainable local solution. It also aims to improve livelihoods by reducing product costs and developing an alternative economic resource for
households. Therefore the three sets of specific objectives are:

  • Innovating with local, sustainable and ecological production of women’s products
  • Ensuring access to essential feminine hygiene products
  • Creating an opportunity for local economic development
Main activities

  • Trainings in Martinique for 3 Dominican women on how to produce pads, who in turn will train 4 other women in Dominica and organise the workshop in the entrepreneurial center of the Dominica Youth Business Trust;
  • Definition of a business plan and local promotion of products.

This project is original and beneficial for communities from different perspectives: it reduces waste, emphasizes ecological and nature-based solutions; it reduces dependence on external suppliers; it creates skills locally to become more resilient; and can generate an additional source of income.

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