Go Caraïbes : share, educate and raise awareness

Go Caraïbes

Go Caraïbes! a territory of solutions for tomorrow – from April 2021 to March 2022

Caribbean States are facing the same issues related to climate change. With their limited resources, stakeholders must find local and relevant adaptation solutions and answer to complex questions. These collective solutions and efforts require the support of informed citizens.


Project description

The project aims to:

  • Raise awareness by providing concrete answers and promoting solutions and innovations implemented in the Caribbean;
  • Promote civil society organisations, communities or actors creating alternative solutions;
  • Contribute to an increased solidarity between organisations;
  • Promote a sustainable Caribbean and develop an educational platform on resilience issues.
Main activities

  • Identification of concrete solutions on the themes of energy, water, waste, food, health, biodiversity, responsible consumption and meeting with the solution providers;
  • Listing of these solutions on the internet;
  • Creation of a digital platform to share content;
  • Selection of flagship projects, production and editing of a video documentary

The project is based on a “slow travel” by sailboat to produce a documentary on solutions and good practices of climate resilience specific to the Caribbean. The documentary will reach a wide audience, by broadcasting it online and on various networks.

The digital platform enables to enhance the content and provide lasting support for the dissemination of educational documents on climate resilience.

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