Food security for vulnerable communities

food security with solar ovens

Smile Cheese and Tomate -from april 2021 to mars 2022

Climate change threatens food security of the most vulnerable communities. Helping communities to become more resilient means giving them the knowledge and necessary tools to grow nutritious food and cook it in absence of electricity.


  • The Dominica Herbal Business Association – DHBA (Dominica)
  • The Hope Network (Haiti)
Project description

The aim of the project is to mitigate the impact of climate events on communities, through targeted actions to increase access to food and its preparation, to develop the capacity of communities to generate income, and to strengthen soil fertility and its ability to recover. More specifically, the project aims to:

    • Improve soils and reduce erosion through the combination of plants;
    • Make communities more able to produce foods rich in protein, to process and cook them even in the event of natural risks (via the 3 multipurpose drying facilities).
Main activities

  • Planting and cultivation of high protein plants with specific species to prevent soil erosion and provide biomass for use as natural fertilizer;
  • Construction of 3 multipurpose dryers using 20ft containers as community storage;
  • Processing of planted crops: drying and crushing beans to produce flour.

This project provides practical solutions to the crucial issue of food security and climate resilience of communities. It takes into consideration issues related to soil erosion, the need for self-sufficiency and responds to the challenges posed by the lack of electricity.

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