Karayib Klima launches a call for proposals for creole-speaking civil society organisations in the Caribbean. It aims to fund concrete actions and advocacy campaigns in the area of climate resilience.

The call for proposal is open until December 13th 2020.

Project presentation

What types of projects can be funded?

Proposed projects must be within the implementation framework of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (2015) and suggest activities aiming to increase adaptation of people and territories to climate change.

Projects linked with the following areas are particularly trageted:  i) social, educational and health, ii) sustainable economic development and iii) ecosystems and biodiversity. Projects must fall under one of these two funding streams:

Projects proposed may include:

What are the eligibility criteria for the projects?

What are the eligible geographic areas?

Only projects implemented in Karayib Klima’s target countries and territories are eligible: Haiti, Grenada, Sainte Lucia, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint Martin.

What is the maximum grant amount?

The grant awarded to each stakeholder coalition by Karayib Klima ranges from €5,000 to €40,000 per project. A coalition can present only one project for each streams.

For more details on the applicable rules for this call for proposals, kindly download our guidelines:

Test a pre-project

Why this step?

If you already have an idea or a project concept you would like to explore in the framework of Karayib Klima, we invite you to test your pre-project. The pre-project form is a short questionnaire which will allow you to:

Grant application process

How to apply for a Karayib Klima grant?

The call for proposals Karayib Klima is open until December 13th 2020. Your grant application must include:

You will find below under “Downloadable Documents” template documents to use to submit your grant application.

Once completed, visit the grant application page which is accessible directly in the menu or click on the button below. You can also submit your project by email email. Please ensure that you attach all mandatory documents. To know more, consulter cette page.