Building community resilience to reduce flood risk in Saint Lucia and Grenada

Réduire les risques d'inondation

Building community resilience to reduce flood risk in Saint Lucia and Grenada – from April 2021 to March 2022

Changes in rainfall patterns in the Caribbean make certain regions more vulnerable to the risk of flooding. Developing adapted solutions, based on local flora and disseminating good practices is an essential point of climate resilience.

Project description

The project is structured around three main objectives:

  • Establish effective mechanisms against flood risks of flooding in Grenville, Grenada and Dennery, Saint Lucia
  • Strengthen the resilience of communities to the impacts of floods through the implementation of nature-based initiatives in upper watersheds;
  • Develop techniques to collect and store excess rainwater for use during the drier months of the year.
Main activities

  • Collect relevant data to feed models and actions to be taken against flood risks;
  • Select sites where interventions will be implemented in accordance with farmers and relevant stakeholders;
  • Complete training of farmers on rainwater harvesting options;
  • Establish agreements with farmers on the option (s) that will be implemented on their land;
  • Acquire and install the necessary equipment for each site on the basis of the agreement with the farmers / stakeholders;
  • Find local plant species and establish purchasing agreements;
  • Identify the most suitable farms, establish agreements with farmers and plant;
  • Document via stories, testimonials, photos and videos and share project successes, lessons and best practices;
  • Conduct exchange visits with farmers / community members of Grenville and Dennery.

The project responds to the challenges of adaptation to climate change in agriculture, in particular on the subject of controlling water resources. The transfers of skills planned between the two territories will allow the sharing of good practices and essential knowledge. The project fits into national public policies on adaptation to Climate Change.

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